Monday, July 4, 2011

Himare Hits the New York Times

The Albanian Riviera, a Frugal Paradise?
(above: link to nytimes article)

On June 29th, the New York Times came out with a travel article about the Albanian Riviera. This is exactly where I live and a wonderful description of the places to visit, the people you meet, and the food that is consumed. I could not have describe this area better myself.

The photos included in the article are some of the views that I encounter everyday. The restaurant the writer talks about is one of my favorites in Himare and the daughter of the owner is one of my students. It was an absolute joy to read about this man's positive experience and completely understand where he was coming from in many of his observations. Another thing I would like to point out is that I completely agree with his description of Vlore, the city north of Himare. It was spot on.

If you want another perspective of where I am living and what the culture is like, take a look at this article. It's definitely a small insight to what life is like in Himare during the summer months.

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