Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Camping in Belsh

Belsh is a small town about 1 hr. southwest of Elbasan. It is just over the hill on the south side of Pajove, but there is not a road that goes directly from Pajove to Belsh. The town of Belsh was built around a large lake and in the middle of some beautiful rolling hills. On one side of the lake there is the main part of town and there are houses/neighborhoods that surroun the rest of the lake.

Our campsite wat at the tope of one of the hills that surround Belsh. The top of the hill was pretty flat, almost like a mesa. Up there we were able to play frisbee and I also got the chance to teach a few young Albanian boys how to throw and catch with baseball gloves and a ball. Laster, once the sun went down, we had a great bonfire. A few of the other volunteers brought their guitars, which made life around the fire even more fun and exciting. The stars that were out that night were also pretty unbelievable. There were so many and they were all very bright!

Another interesting fact about our campsite was that it is the spot where shepherds bring their flocks of sheep everyday to graze. Upon our arrival at the campsite, there was a large flock of sheep just hanging out with their shepherd sprawled out on a large rock, asleep. The sheep along with their shepherd left once the sun began to set, but sure enough, they were all back the next morning grazing in the middle of our campsite.

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